Low Back Pain Seminar

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APRIL 9-10, 2022!

In this powerful 2 day seminar we are going to go over the 4 critical pieces to excelling at treating back pain in practice.  

If you feel 100% confident that any patient who walks in your door you can identify the root of their problem, communicate it to them, treat them and fix what you found AND diagnose, document the notes, and charge insurance with appropriate codes for what you did.....then this seminar is NOT for you. 

Unfortunately, students are taught how to pass boards and lots of great things, but not how to tie all the pieces TOGETHER to be successful in practice in 2022 and beyond.

As a student I went to over 40 seminars and I felt confident adjusting people but I didn't have the confidence to CONSISTENTLY find the root cause, simply COMMUNICATE it with patients, have the CONFIDENCE to guide them to the appropriate treatment plan, and DOCUEMNT the notes and BILL insurance. 

I am putting everything I've ever learned in this subject area in this weekend. This is the seminar that I wish I had as a student. You don't want to miss this weekend. 

Seminar Information:

1. Evaluating and classifying the root cause of the low back pain.

  • using functional screens
  • using palpation
  • using posture assessment
  • using muscle testing
  • using gait analysis
  • using orthopedic tests
  • history "tells"
  • imaging considerations

2. Communicating the findings to patients and treatment plan options.

  • How to communicate with models and posters your findings 
  • How to explain chiropractic and neurology
  • How to determine an acute patient that needs 2-3x/week or a moderate patient who needs 1x/week or a simpler case who would benefit from 2x/month. 
  • How to communicate their progress from acute case to 1x/month wellness case to build your practice with patients you enjoy treating 

3. Treating: This is the fun hands on part. We are going to do ALOT of hands on.

  • We are going to train and practice all the different styles of adjustments you might need to do on patients of all sizes. 
  • Side posture adjustments for L1-5, Sacrum, SI joints (ASEX, ASIN, PIEX, PIIN)
  • Less common adjustments for low back: pubic symphysis, coccyx, anterior lumbar, 
  • Hip and thoracic adjustments that relate to lower back dysfunction 
  • Soft tissue treatment - hands on, massage gun, etc
  • Rehab exercises and stretches for different stages of healing
  • Supplements and nutritional considerations.
  • Stress solutions 

4. Documenting the notes and charges for insurance.

  • How to document your exam and follow up treatments 
  • What are the common diagnosis codes that get paid 
  • What are the codes and how do you point them to ensure you get paid for what you do


We are going to jam pack value and wisdom into this seminar weekend and you will leave a different, more confident, more excited future doctor to practice and help humanity. 

Sign up and I'll see you there! 


Location: TBD depending on the size.