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The Story of the Triune Massage Gun

      Back in July 2019 I bought my first massage gun, the Hypervolt©, for $350. I had seen it on the internet somewhere and saw a few athletes using it and thought 'wow that looks cool.' 
      I work on patients all day long and any advantage, tool, therapy, or device I can use to improve my results is huge. After trying the Hypervolt© I instantly fell in love with massage guns, also known as 'Percussion Therapy Massagers.
      My patients loved them and began asking me about where they can get the massage gun I was using, but if there was anything cheaper than the $350 Hypervolt©... 
      So I began a journey of buying all sorts of different massage guns. My office became the elephant grave yard of big, small, cool, and ugly massage guns. I bought cheap ones that didn't have enough power to actually loosen up the tight muscles on my patients I was working on. I bought some massage guns off Amazon that broke after a month of heavy use on patients. I tried the really expensive Theragun but the massage percussion settings were set too high for most of my patients to tolerate. 
I realized I needed a massage gun that didn't exist....yet. 

I needed a massage gun that was "the goldilocks of massage guns"

- Not too hard of force, not too weak of force. Just right. 
- Not too fast vibration, not too slow vibration. Just right. 
- Not too expensive it breaks the bank, not too cheap it breaks in a month. Just right 
- Not too heavy, not too light it's whimpy. Just right. 
- Not too much battery, not too little battery. Just right. 
       I started contacting different manufacturers. Getting more and more samples. Some came in and were decent and others were terrible. I couldn't give some away. 
      When I got the massage guns in I would blind test patients while they were face down on the table. One hand would hold the Hypervolt© and one hand would hold my prototypes. I would run them along the muscles of their back, legs and arms. I would monitor the results and whether my patient perferred one over the other. I tracked the results.
       Finally, after 2.5 years of product testing on over 1000 patients, dozens of iterations, the new and updated Triune Massage Gun is here and it's the perfect middle ground of delivering the elite performance of the expensive guns at a fraction of the price. 
      The best part is patients started reporting how much they loved it and how all their family members kept stealing it from them because it felt so good. After selling several dozen I knew I had found something special that was valuable and practical for helping people heal faster at home and help others find relief from pain, stiffness, achiness, and soreness. 
     If 80+% of the population deal with joint pain at least once in their life, part of Triune's purpose is providing tools, resources, and information to help them heal faster and more holistically. 

The Triune 30 Day 'Just email us' Money Back Guarantee

    Whether you are one of my patients or one of our 21,000+ social media followers I welcome you to try the Triune Massage Gun at just $125 (+ a free travel case) with a NO HASSLE 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN EMAIL US WHAT HAPPENED AND WE WILL REFUND YOUR MONEY. Have you ever bought something online and it was such a pain in the butt to return it you just said nah?! Us too. So we made this money back guarantee for those people who don't trust the internet. If you buy it and try it and don't like it? Then just simply click "CONTACT US" on our website here and email us what happened and we will refund your money. Peace of mind. 

Triune Massage Gun Product Specs 

  • 3 Patient-driven and tested speed settings: a powerful custom motor with 3 speeds (low, medium, and high) to handle all types of patients, muscles, and conditions. Patients that like deep tissue high intensity love the medium and high settings and patients that need a more gentle approach (or are in more pain) prefer the low setting and then slow graduate into medium as they heal and tolerate more.   
  • Strong Stall Power: This means that you can press the gun into your muscles deep enough for powerful results without it overpowering the motor and stopping. You want this. 
  • 6 attachment heads: Having 6 gives you flexibility to treat various types of people and muscle sizes. To be honest, 98% of the time I use 3 (the ball, flat head, and knuckle knob) on patients and myself. 
  • Lightweight: Anyone can pick this thing up. It's light. But it packs a punch! 
  • Not too Loud:  Some massage guns are so loud.  I would describe the motor sound as being able to massage gun your body while watching TV at night without waking up the kids. As a Dad of two little ones who is hard on his body all day, this is a must! 
  • Comes with FREE carrying case (other brands charge extra). Travel in style.
  • Great Battery Life: Dr. Carroll uses this all day long in the clinic on only 1 charge. Normal people with normal usage won't need to charge their gun for several days, even a week depending on use. 
  • HSA/FSA Eligible: Since this is a healthcare expense, you can use your HSA or FSA card!


Dr. Carroll how do you personally use the Triune Massage Gun?

       "I obviously use it ALL DAY LONG on patients. But personally, I use it in the morning for 2-10 minutes while I am drinking coffee to wake my butt up and get the blood flowing, the muscles prepped, and my neurology firing for a workout and/or a full physical day of treating patients. Then at night I like to watch Youtube/Netflix/etc with my wife and massage gun my body to recover my muscles, relax and decompress from the long day. I value tools that put my body in a spot where I can treat patients at a very high level for as long as possible. My goal is to adjust someone on my 100th birthday! The Triune massage gun should be a staple in any household that values their health and longevity!" - Dr. Christian Carroll DC PAK 



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Jeff M.
United States

Great Purchase

The massage gun feels very solid in your hand - very well built. The battery seems to be robust and has exceeded my expectations. We recently purchased another unit for my mother-in-law. Highly recommend.

Ann G.
United States United States

Excellent Product

After years of dealing with sciatica, I am finally getting relief from the massage gun and recommended exercises. A great investment.

Carol F.
United States United States


It is excellent! Our whole family is benefiting from the massager. I appreciate the helpful videos on how to use it on tight muscles. I highly recommend it! Thank you!